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Here you find some links to another fidonet sites.

fidonet links:
  • The official fidonet website
  • North American fidonet website
  • Belgium/Dutch fidonet website
  • Fidonews
  • The weekly fidonews
  • FTSC
  • FidoNet Technical Standards Documents
  • WPS
  • Website of former fidonet creator, Tom Jennings
  • Wikipedia
  • Fidonet info on Wikipedia, the online free Encyclopedia

BBS Software:
  • EleBBS
  • EleBBS, RemoteAccess BBS clone I use myself as beta tester
  • RemoteAccess
  • RemoteAccess BBS, good BBS package from Bruce Morse
  • Defsol
  • Defenity Solutions, home pf the FrontDoor mailer and FrontDoor/APX point system
  • FMail
  • FMail echomail scanner/tosser wich is needed to toss and scan messages
  • GoldED+
  • Home GoldED+, the fidonet message editor
  • Allfix
  • Fileecho processor for *.TIC files, support for eg. RemoteAccess BBS and FrontDoor mailer
  • Pcmicro
  • PcMicro, one of the oldest and bigest BBS archives on the internet
  • cFos
  • ISDN Fossil driver to use with all kinds of ISDN adapters supporting CAPI 1.1 or 2.0 under DOS/Windows/OS2 and more.
  • BNU
  • Link to F.A.Q. on how to use the DOS fossil driver BNU with your BBS software.

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